"I wonder how many students, without access to art and music, will never have the opportunity to prove just how gifted they are. I wonder why more people don’t understand that art and music are more than expressions of emotion or talent – they are bona fide intellectual exercises." - Nicole Sasso, Veteran elementary school teacher


The Boldly Creating Life Foundation’s mission is to serve, help and empower youth, adults, groups, and communities by providing a safe caring space where individuals who are going through difficult times spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially can find support through healing, learning, and the creative arts. Our foundation will foster human growth, self-development, self-confidence, and a deeper exploration of the individual self.

It is our belief that individuals of all ages can benefit from the various forms of creative self expression through the use of imagination. We provide the expressive therapeutic art modalities such as drawing, painting, dancing, music, drama, poetry, storytelling, journaling, and other physical activity modalities to serve, help, and empower youth, adults, groups, and communities.



Gladys Jimenez is an artist, entrepreneur, and founder of Boldly Creating Life Foundation.  Gladys has been volunteering since 1998, teaching children art.  She currently lives in San Diego, California.

Board Members

Norma Serrano is a Coordinator at Ross University School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.  Norma's prior position at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, ignited her appreciation for art.  She currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her two teens.

Irene Patino is a former school teacher with a passion for programs that promote positive social, moral, and cultural practices. Irene is the founder of the G. A. P. Foundation, an organization whose mission is to provide survival skill for girls ages 12-21, to help them build character in a safe environment.  Irene is also in the process of establishing a program "Bully Be Gone" to help children and teens.

Pilisa Conner established Creative Gateways in 2009, after completing her creativity and life coach training. Pilisa is an entrepreneur with experience in both for profit and non-profit organizations. Formerly established the Ringing Rocks Foundation and was the owner of S. A. G. E. Crafts store, in Sedona, Arizona.

Karen Witmer is a former school teacher with a passion for children and art.  Karen enjoys painting and is currently volunteering as an art docent at a local elementary school.



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Boldly Creating Life Foundation (BCLF), is a non profit 501(C)(3) organization.

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